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Published: 2021-08-18


A cross-platform market structure analysis method using online product reviews

Gang Kou, Pei Yang, Yi Peng, Hui Xiao, Feng Xiao, Yang Chen, Fawaz E. Alsaadi
Abstract 324 | PDF Downloads 253

Page 992-1018

An enhancement EDAS method based on Prospect Theory

Yuhan Huang, Rui Lin, Xudong Chen
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 128

Page 1019-1038

Corporate bankruptcy and insolvency prediction model

Alina Daniela Voda, Gabriela Dobrotă, Diana Mihaela Țîrcă, Dănuț Dumitru Dumitrașcu, Dan Dobrotă
Abstract 402 | PDF Downloads 191

Page 1039-1056

Tax support evaluation for R&D activities of companies

Martina Cernikova, Sarka Hyblerova
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 101

Page 1057-1071

Relations between infrastructure innovations and tourism spending in developed countries: a macroeconomic perspective

Beata Gavurova, Jaroslav Belas, Katarina Valaskova, Martin Rigelsky, Viera Ivankova
Abstract 217 | PDF Downloads 125

Page 1072-1094

Page 1095-1118

Economic growth, air pollution, and government environmental regulation: evidence from 287 prefecture-level cities in China

Jiandong Chen, Jie Qi, Ming Gao, Yijing Li, Malin Song
Abstract 337 | PDF Downloads 198

Page 1119-1141

CEE labour markets – homogeneity or diversity?

Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska, Marta Jarocka
Abstract 242 | PDF Downloads 110

Page 1142-1158

Sustainable development in education – automating curriculum assessment

Claudiu Vințe, Ion Smeureanu, Marian Dârdală, Adriana Reveiu
Abstract 254 | PDF Downloads 155

Page 1159-1185

A new hybrid fuzzy PSI-PIPRECIA-CoCoSo MCDM based approach to solving the transportation company selection problem

Alptekin Ulutaş, Gabrijela Popovic, Pavle Radanov, Dragisa Stanujkic, Darjan Karabasevic
Abstract 322 | PDF Downloads 158

Page 1227-1249

Financial cycles in the economy and in economic research: a case study in China

Yong Qin, Zeshui Xu, Xinxin Wang, Marinko Škare, Małgorzata Porada-Rochoń
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 1250-1279