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Published: 2022-01-12


Blessing or curse? The impacts of non-agricultural part-time work of the large farmer households on agricultural labor productivity

Xin Jiang, Shihu Zhong, Cancan Huang, Xiaoxin Guo, Jingjing Zhao
Abstract 181 | PDF Downloads 105

Page 26–48

Page 49–75

Capacity sharing strategy with sustainable revenue-sharing contracts

Junlong Chen, Jiayan Shi, Jiali Liu
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 76–100

A proposition of an emerging technologies expectations model: an example of student attitudes towards blockchain

Dariusz Dymek, Mariusz Grabowski, Grażyna Paliwoda-Pękosz
Abstract 264 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 101–130

Partial backordering inventory model with limited storage capacity under order-size dependent trade credit

Wen-Hui Jiang, Ling Xu, Zhen-Song Chen, Witold Pedrycz, Kwai-Sang Chin
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 76 SM Downloads 23

Page 131–162

Labor migration: current and perspective challenges for Ukraine

Heorhiy Cherevko
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 163–178

PDHL-EDAS method for multiple attribute group decision making and its application to 3D printer selection

Fan Lei, Guiwu Wei, Weijie Shen, Yanfeng Guo
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 179–200

Page 201–219

The role of corporate culture in economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Silvia Lorincová, Andrej Miklošík, Miloš Hitka
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 220–238


Mapping knowledge management research: a bibliometric overview

Shashi, Piera Centobelli, Roberto Cerchione, Jose M. Merigo
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 106

Page 239–267