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Published: 2019-05-23


Modelling and simulation in business, economics and management

Ernesto León-Castro, Jose M. Merigó, Ezequiel Avilés-Ochoa, Anna M. Gil-Lafuente, Enrique Herrera-Viedma
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Page 571-575


A new measure of volatility using induced heavy moving averages

Ernesto León-Castro, Luis Fernando Espinoza-Audelo, Ezequiel Aviles-Ochoa, José M. Merigó, Janusz Kacprzyk
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Page 576-599

The importance of enterprise risk management in large companies in Colombia

Fabio Blanco-Mesa, Julieth Rivera-Rubiano, Xiomara Patiño-Hernandez, Maribel Martinez-Montaña
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Page 600-633

Board of director’s gender diversity and its impact on earnings management: an empirical analysis for select European firms

Paolo Saona, Laura Muro, Pablo San Martín, Hugo Baier-Fuentes
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 634-663

Induced and logarithmic distances with multi-region aggregation operators

Víctor G. Alfaro-García, José M. Merigó, Leobardo Plata-Pérez, Gerardo G. Alfaro-Calderón, Anna M. Gil-Lafuente
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 79

Page 664-692

Inferring parameters of a relational system of preferences from assignment examples using an evolutionary algorithm

Eduardo Fernandez, Nelson Rangel-Valdez, Laura Cruz-Reyes, Claudia Gomez-Santillan, Gilberto Rivera-Zarate, Patricia Sanchez-Solis
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 693-715