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Current Issue

Published: 2020-08-28


Page 970-973


Forecasting financial cycles: can big data help?

Marinko Škare, Malgorzata Porada-Rochoń
Abstract 269 | PDF Downloads 184

Page 974-988

Evaluating the comprehensive impacts of tourism in Hainan by intergrating input-output model with MCDM methods

Ping-Ping Lin, Deng-Feng Li, Bin-Qian Jiang, Gao-Feng Yu, An-Peng Wei
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 161

Page 989-1029

Topological structural analysis of China's new energy stock market: a multi-dimensional data network perspective

Kedong Yin, Zhe Liu, Chong Huang, Peide Liu
Abstract 254 | PDF Downloads 139

Page 1030-1051

Convergence analysis of environmental efficiency from the perspective of environmental regulation: evidence from China

Suling Feng, Haoyue Wu, Guoxiang Li, Liping Li, Wenting Zhou
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 1074-1097

Research on the evolution of innovation behavior of new generation entrepreneurs in different scenarios

Aiwu Zhao, Zhenzhen Sun, Hongjun Guan, Jingyuan Jia
Abstract 340 | PDF Downloads 218

Page 1098-1124