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Published: 2018-10-01


New hybrid FMADM model for mobile commerce improvement

Shu-Kung Hu, James Liou, Yen-Ching Chuang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
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Page 1801-1828

Assessing the risk perception of cost overrun through importance rating

Murat Gunduz, Omar Liqaa Maki
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Page 1829-1844

A fuzzy rule based inference system for early debt collection

Sezi Cevik Onar, Basar Oztaysi, Cengiz Kahraman
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Page 1845-1865

Page 1866-1884

Multi-criteria approach in evaluating contribution of social entrepreneurship to the employment of socially-excluded groups

Marija Džunić, Jelena Stanković, Vesna Janković-Milić
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Page 1885-1908

Measuring technical efficiency of insurance companies using dynamic network DEA: an intermediation approach

Mohammad Nourani, Evelyn Shyamala Devadason, VGR Chandran
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Page 1909-1940

Determinants of foreign direct investment in the Visegrad group countries after the EU enlargement

Weihua Su, Dongcai Zhang, Chonghui Zhang, Josef Abrhám, Mihaela Simionescu, Natalya Yaroshevich, Valentina Guseva
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Page 1955-1978

CRM-based dynamic decision-making with hesitant fuzzy information for the evaluation of rangelands

Xiaodi Liu, Zengwen Wang, Shitao Zhang, Antoinette Hetzler
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Page 1979-2002

Assessing collusion risks in managing construction projects using artificial neural network

Ming Shan, Yun Le, Kenneth T. W. Yiu, Albert P. C. Chan, Yi Hu, You Zhou
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Page 2003-2025

Page 2026-2044

The dynamic effects of online product reviews on purchase decisions

Jia Chen, Gang Kou, Yi Peng
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Page 2045-2064

Technical change directions of China’s grain production: application of the bias-corrected Malmquist indices

Tianxiang Li, Tomas Baležentis, Lijuan Cao, Jing Zhu, Dalia Štreimikienė, Rasa Melnikienė
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Page 2065-2082