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Published: 2020-01-02


Exploring environmental Kuznets curve. An investigation on EU economies

Daniel Badulescu, Alina Badulescu, Ramona Simut, Dorin Bac, Elena-Ana Iancu, Nicolaie Iancu
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Page 1-20

News-based soft information as a corporate competitive advantage

Ming-Fu Hsu, Te-Min Chang, Sin-Jin Lin
Abstract 135 | PDF Downloads 70

Page 48-70

EDAS method for multiple attribute group decision making under q-rung orthopair fuzzy environment

Zengxian Li, Guiwu Wei, Rui Wang, Jiang Wu, Cun Wei, Yu Wei
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 100

Page 86-102

A q-rung orthopair fuzzy GLDS method for investment evaluation of BE angel capital in China

Huchang Liao, Hongrun Zhang, Cheng Zhang, Xingli Wu, Abbas Mardani, Abdullah Al-Barakati
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 103-134

Modelling technological bias and productivity growth: a case study of China’s three urban agglomerations

Ke Li, Jianying Qu, Pan Wei, Hongshan Ai, Pinrong Jia
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 135-164

Explaining the rising precariat in Spain

Elena de la Poza, Lucas Jodar, Paloma Merello, Adrián Todoli-Signes
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 165-185

Developing a corporate social responsibility framework for sustainable construction using partial least squares structural equation modeling

Liang Wang, Ping Zhang, Li Ma, Xuhui Cong, Miroslaw J. Skibniewski
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Page 186-212

A constructivist model of bank branch front-office employee evaluation: an FCM-SD-based approach

Ana C. C. Paes Paes de Faria, Fernando A. F. Ferreira, Paulo J. V. L. Dias, Amali Çipi
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Page 213-239

Economy-water nexus in agricultural sector: decomposing dynamics in water footprint by the LMDI

Weihua Su, Sibo Chen, Tomas Baležentis, Ji Chen
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Page 240-257

How effective are labor wages on labor productivity?: An empirical investigation on the construction industry of New Zealand

Mustafa Ozturk, Serdar Durdyev, Osman Nuri Aras, Syuhaida Ismail, Nerija Banaitienė
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Page 258-270