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Published: 2021-11-18


The impact of technology on regional price dispersion in the US

Ismail H. Genc
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 1281-1300

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Page 1325-1356

Expenditure fluctuation and consumption loss: rural spatial poverty in China

Xiang Luo, Jingjing Qin, Qing Wan, Gui Jin
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 81

Page 1357-1382

Financial distress prediction: a novel data segmentation research on Chinese listed companies

Fang-Jun Zhu, Lu-Juan Zhou, Mi Zhou, Feng Pei
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 1413-1446

A novel decision-making framework based on probabilistic linguistic term set for selecting sustainable supplier considering social credit

Yuanxiang Dong, Xumei Zheng, Zeshui Xu, Weijie Chen, Hongbo Shi, Ke Gong
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 87 SM Downloads 25

Page 1447-1480

A novel performance evaluation framework for new service development in the healthcare industry using hybrid ISM and ANP

Jalil Heidary Dahooie, Navid Mohammadi, Ieva Meidutė-Kavaliauskienė, Arūnė Binkytė-Vėlienė
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 1481-1508

Do economic growth and environment quality contribute to tourism development in EU countries? A panel data analysis

Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut, Ioana Mester, Simona Dzitac, Mariana Sehleanu, Dorin Paul Bac, Alina Badulescu
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 1509-1538

Exploring concomitant concepts in the discussion on the circular economy: A bibliometric analysis of Web of Science, Scopus and Twitter

Anna Mirzyńska, Oskar Kosch, Martin Schieg, Karel Šuhajda, Marek Szarucki
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 1539-1562