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Current Issue

Published: 2020-06-02


Applications of contemporary decision-making methods to the development of economy and technology

Huchang Liao, Zeshui Xu, Francisco Herrera
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 23

Page 546-548


Green suppler selection by an integrated method with stochastic acceptability analysis and MULTIMOORA

Xiaomei Mi, Huchang Liao, Yi Liao, Qi Lin, Benjamin Lev, AbdullahI Al-Barakati
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 18

Page 549-572

An integrated multi-criteria decision-making framework for sustainable supplier selection under picture fuzzy environment

Juan-juan Peng, Chao Tian, Wen-yu Zhang, Shuai Zhang, Jian-qiang Wang
Abstract 230 | PDF Downloads 110

Page 573-598

Remanufacturing with patented technique royalty under asymmetric information and uncertain markets

Jie Gao, Zhilei Liang, Jennifer Shang, Zeshui Xu
Abstract 420 | PDF Downloads 235

Page 599-620

Distinguishing coefficient driven sensitivity analysis of GRA model for intelligent decisions: application in project management

Amin Mahmoudi, Saad Ahmed Javed, Sifeng Liu, Xiaopeng Deng
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 20

Page 621-641