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Current Issue

Published: 2021-01-18


An enhanced techno-economic analysis of LCOE: public incentives vs private investment

Rogelio Peón Menéndez, Alejandro Parra Martín, Laura Varela-Candamio, María-Teresa García-Álvarez
Abstract 485 | PDF Downloads 279

Page 1-23

Evaluation of the coordination between China’s technology and economy using a grey multivariate coupling model

Qinzi Xiao, Miyuan Shan, Mingyun Gao, Xinping Xiao, Huan Guo
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 24-44

The role of sustainable finance in achieving Sustainable Development Goals: does it work?

Magdalena Ziolo, Iwona Bak, Katarzyna Cheba
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 137

Page 45-70

A dynamic credit scoring model based on survival gradient boosting decision tree approach

Yufei Xia, Lingyun He, Yinguo Li, Yating Fu, Yixin Xu
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 96-119

Modelling IT brand values supplied by consultancy service companies: empirical evidence for differences

Ángeles Alcaide, Natividad Guadalajara, Elena De La Poza
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 58

Page 120-148

Effectiveness of FDI, technological gap and sectoral level productivity in the Visegrad Group

Kamil Makieła, Liwiusz Wojciechowski, Krzysztof Wach
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 149-174

Application of DEA in benchmarking: a systematic literature review from 2003–2020

Reza Rostamzadeh, Omid Akbarian, Audrius Banaitis, Zeynab Soltani
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 175-222

Does technology matter for combating economic and financial crime? A panel data study

Monica Violeta Achim, Sorin Nicolae Borlea, Viorela Ligia Văidean
Abstract 242 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 223-261

A genetic programming approach for estimating economic sentiment in the Baltic countries and the European Union

Oscar Claveria, Enric Monte, Salvador Torra
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 262-279