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Published: 2019-09-13


Machine learning methods for systemic risk analysis in financial sectors

Gang Kou, Xiangrui Chao, Yi Peng, Fawaz E. Alsaadi, Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Abstract 1159 | PDF Downloads 344

Page 716-742


An eco-innovative framework development for sustainable consumption and production in the construction industry

Li Ma, Liang Wang, Miroslaw J. Skibniewski, Waldemar Gajda
Abstract 220 | PDF Downloads 111

Page 774-801

An evaluation for sustainable mobility extended by D numbers

Hongming Mo, Yong Deng
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 802-819

The impact of ESG factors on market value of companies from travel and tourism industry

George H. Ionescu, Daniela Firoiu, Ramona Pirvu, Ruxandra Dana Vilag
Abstract 135 | PDF Downloads 83

Page 820-849

Municipal waste management in Romania in the context of the EU. A stakeholders’ perspective

Carmen Nastase, Carmen Emilia Chașovschi, Mihaela State, Adrian-Liviu Scutariu
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 850-876

Ranking range based approach to MADM under incomplete context and its application in venture investment evaluation

Yating Liu, Hengjie Zhang, Yuzhu Wu, Yucheng Dong
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 32

Page 877-899

Productivity as a determinant of labour wage in New Zealand’s construction sector

Mustafa Ozturk, Serdar Durdyev, Osman Nuri Aras, Audrius Banaitis
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 900-914

Gender equality index of the autonomous communities of Spain: a multidimensional analysis

Anna María Gil-Lafuente, Agustín Torres-Martinez, Luis Amiguet-Molina, Sefa Boria-Reverter
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 915-933

Selecting target market by similar measures in interval intuitionistic fuzzy set

Nguyen Xuan Thao, Truong Thi Thuy Duong
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 934-950

Application of population evolvability in a hyper-heuristic for dynamic multi-objective optimization

Teodoro Macias-Escobar, Laura Cruz-Reyes, Bernabé Dorronsoro, Héctor Fraire-Huacuja, Nelson Rangel-Valdez, Claudia Gómez-Santillán
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 951-978

Information security management framework suitability estimation for small and medium enterprise

Laima Kaušpadienė, Simona Ramanauskaitė, Antanas Čenys
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 979-997

Interval linguistic fuzzy decision making in perspective of preference relations

Fanyong Meng, Jia Tang, Shaolin Zhang
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 998-1015

Page 1016-1038

Detecting financial sustainability risk of the assets using MAMDANI fuzzy controller

Marcel-Ioan Boloș, Ioana-Alexandra Bradea, Claudia Diana Sabău-Popa, Laurențiu-Andrei Ilie
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 1039-1057