Finding a promising venture capital project with TODIM under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy circumstance

    Weike Zhang Affiliation
    ; Jiang Du Affiliation
    ; Xiaoli Tian Affiliation


Considering the risk aversion for gains and the risk seeking for losses of venture capitalists, the TODIM has been chosen as the decision-making method. Moreover, group decision is an available way to avoid the limited ability and knowledge etc. of venture capitalists. Simultaneously, venture capitalists may be hesitant among several assessed values with different probabilities to express their real perception because of the uncertain decision-making environment. However, the probabilistic hesitant fuzzy information can solve such problems effectively. Therefore, the TODIM has been extended to probabilistic hesitant fuzzy circumstance for the sake of settling the decision-making problem of venture capitalists in this paper. Moreover, due to the uncertain investment environment, the criteria weights are considered as probabilistic hesitant fuzzy information as well. Then, a case study has been used to verify the feasibility and validity of the proposed TODIM. Also, the TODIM with hesitant fuzzy information has been carried out to analysis the same case. From the comparative analysis, the superiority of the proposed TODIM in this paper has already appeared.

Keyword : TODIM, probabilistic hesitant fuzzy information, venture capitalist, decision-making, venture capital

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Zhang, W., Du, J., & Tian, X. (2018). Finding a promising venture capital project with TODIM under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy circumstance. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 24(5), 2026-2044.
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Oct 16, 2018
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