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The journal TRANSPORT publishes articles in the fields of: transport policy; fundamentals of the transport system; technology for carrying passengers and freight using road, railway, inland waterways, sea and air transport; technology for multimodal transportation and logistics; loading technology; roads, railways; airports, ports; traffic safety and environment protection; design, manufacture and exploitation of motor vehicles; transport energetics; fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials; teamwork of customs and transport; transport information technologies; transport economics and management; transport standards; transport educology and history, etc.
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Published: 2018-09-17

Original Article

SARIMA modelling approach for railway passenger flow forecasting

Miloš Milenković, Libor Švadlenka, Vlastimil Melichar, Nebojša Bojović, Zoran Avramović
Abstract 37 | PDF Downloads 15

Experimental and numerical investigation of Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene composite and application in automobile components

Shuyong Duan, Xujing Yang, Yourui Tao, Fuhao Mo, Zhi Xiao, Kai Wei
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 9

An approach to packaging waste reverse logistics: case of Slovenia

Andrej Lisec, Slobodan Antić, Francisco Campuzano-Bolarín, Vaska Pejić
Abstract 17 | PDF Downloads 8

Analysis of impact of meteorological conditions on human factors in estimating the risk of railway accidents

Dejan Aleksić, Milan Marković, Marko Vasiljević, Gordan Stojić, Norbert Pavlović, Ilija Tanackov
Abstract 14 | PDF Downloads 9

Determining the impact of directionality on road markings retroreflectivity using dynamic method

Dario Babić, Anđelko Ščukanec, Darko Babić
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 6

Congestion effects of autonomous taxi fleets

Michal Maciejewski, Joschka Bischoff
Abstract 17 | PDF Downloads 7

Different urban consolidation centre scenarios: impact on external costs of last-mile deliveries

Marko Veličković, Đurđica Stojanović, Svetlana Nikoličić, Marinko Maslarić
Abstract 19 | PDF Downloads 9

Pattern recognition based speed forecasting methodology for urban traffic network

Tamás Tettamanti, Alfréd Csikós, Krisztián Balázs Kis, Zsolt János Viharos, István Varga
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 13

Measuring the public acceptance of urban congestion-pricing: a survey in Melbourne, Australia

Zhiyuan Liu, Nirajan Shiwakoti, Yiming Bie
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 49

Assessing effects of bus service quality on passengers’ taxi-hiring behavior

Hong-Wei Wang, Zhong-Ren Peng, Qing-Chang Lu, Daniel (Jian) Sun, Cong Bai
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 43

A methodological framework for measuring the level of convenience of transport ticketing systems

Dušan Zalar, Rasa Ušpalytė-Vitkūnienė, Danijel Rebolj, Marjan Lep
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 51

Analysis of different visual strategies of “isolated vehicle” and “disturbed vehicle”

Nicola Bongiorno, Gaetano Bosurgi, Orazio Pellegrino, Giuseppe Sollazzo
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 6