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The journal TRANSPORT publishes articles in the fields of: transport policy; fundamentals of the transport system; technology for carrying passengers and freight using road, railway, inland waterways, sea and air transport; technology for multimodal transportation and logistics; loading technology; roads, railways; airports, ports; traffic safety and environment protection; design, manufacture and exploitation of motor vehicles; transport energetics; fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials; teamwork of customs and transport; transport information technologies; transport economics and management; transport standards; transport educology and history, etc.
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Published: 2019-01-16

Original Article

Statistical analysis of the effects of disruptive factors of driving in simulated environment

Gábor Pauer, Tibor Sipos, Árpád Török
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Page 1-8

Renewal management framework for urban rail transit assets

Wenfei Bai, Rengkui Liu, Ru An, Futian Wang, Quanxin Sun
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Page 9-18

Modeling computational fluid dynamics of multiphase flows in elbow and T-junction of the main gas pipeline

Yaroslav Doroshenko, Julia Doroshenko, Vasyl Zapukhliak, Lyubomyr Poberezhny, Pavlo Maruschak
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Page 19-29

A new decision model for cross-docking center location in logistics networks under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy uncertainty

Seyed Meysam Mousavi, Jurgita Antuchevičienė, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Behnam Vahdani, Hassan Hashemi
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Page 41-51

Evaluation of suppliers under uncertainty: a multiphase approach based on fuzzy AHP and fuzzy EDAS

Željko Stević, Marko Vasiljević, Adis Puška, Ilija Tanackov, Raimundas Junevičius, Slavko Vesković
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Page 52-66