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The journal TRANSPORT publishes articles in the fields of: transport policy; fundamentals of the transport system; technology for carrying passengers and freight using road, railway, inland waterways, sea and air transport; technology for multimodal transportation and logistics; loading technology; roads, railways; airports, ports; traffic safety and environment protection; design, manufacture and exploitation of motor vehicles; pipeline transport; transport energetics; fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials; teamwork of customs and transport; transport information technologies; transport economics and management; transport standards; transport educology and history, etc.
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Published: 2021-02-24

Original Article

Estimation of transport accessibility in case of rational transport hub location

Alexander Rossolov, Vitalii Naumov, Nadezhda Popova, Ekaterina Vakulenko, Olena Levchenko
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 74

Page 1-12

A traffic fundamental diagram calibrating methodology to avoid unbalanced speed–density observations

Chunbo Zhang, Zhaoguo Huang, Yonggang Wang
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 56

Page 13-24

Study on dynamic influence of passenger flow on intelligent bus travel service model

Sha Liu, Xiang Li, Chuanni He
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 25-37

Research journal TRANSPORT is constantly seeking growth and this year we took another significant step forward.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that this year we are not only celebrating the 35-year anniversary of the research journal TRANSPORT, but the journal also became a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Please find more details on: https://publicationethics.org/members/transport.


ACRONIM of the Special Issue: MCDM-STS

Transportation systems have been changing at a fast pace in recent decades and are becoming greener and more sustainable. Planning and policy-making for these systems have become more complicated and accordingly, demands many new infrastructures. By the end of this decade, quite a few cities will finish the new projects during which the cities pave the road of sustainability in the greenest ways.