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The journal TRANSPORT publishes articles in the fields of: transport policy; fundamentals of the transport system; technology for carrying passengers and freight using road, railway, inland waterways, sea and air transport; technology for multimodal transportation and logistics; loading technology; roads, railways; airports, ports; traffic safety and environment protection; design, manufacture and exploitation of motor vehicles; transport energetics; fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials; teamwork of customs and transport; transport information technologies; transport economics and management; transport standards; transport educology and history, etc.
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Published: 2018-12-11

Original Article

Determining the impact of directionality on road markings retroreflectivity using dynamic method

Dario Babić, Anđelko Ščukanec, Darko Babić
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 18

Page 1095-1103

An approach to packaging waste reverse logistics: case of Slovenia

Andrej Lisec, Slobodan Antić, Francisco Campuzano-Bolarín, Vaska Pejić
Abstract 36 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 1104-1112

SARIMA modelling approach for railway passenger flow forecasting

Miloš Milenković, Libor Švadlenka, Vlastimil Melichar, Nebojša Bojović, Zoran Avramović
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 1113-1120

Analysis of impact of meteorological conditions on human factors in estimating the risk of railway accidents

Dejan Aleksić, Milan Marković, Marko Vasiljević, Gordan Stojić, Norbert Pavlović, Ilija Tanackov
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 1121-1134

Experimental and numerical investigation of Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene composite and application in automobile components

Shuyong Duan, Xujing Yang, Yourui Tao, Fuhao Mo, Zhi Xiao, Kai Wei
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 26

Page 1135-1143

Smart grid technologies in electric power supply systems of public transport

Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 1144-1154

Application of dolomite as a heterogeneous catalyst of biodiesel synthesis

Eglė Sendžikienė, Violeta Makarevičienė, Kiril Kazancev
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 1155-1161