Route plan evaluation method for personalised passenger information service

    Dávid Földes Affiliation
    ; Csaba Csiszár Affiliation


Due to changing expectations of characteristics of mobility demands, public transportation users increasingly require a reduction of both the preparation and travel time, an easier and more pleasant travelling experience as well as route plans based on reliable data. Both international and domestic research is widely concerned with route planning optimization. Exemplary assistance applications are already in operation, but they are only semi-occasionally and slightly personalized. Consequently, there is potential for significant research and development in this area. Our developed method and algorithm evaluates the routes based on the personalised user settings and in this way, the ideal routes can be determined. User preferences are represented in evaluation criteria. The algorithm also manages network modifications and often-changing user preferences. The novelty of our algorithm lies in the more realistic evaluation of the routes appreciably considering both the exact physical properties of the infrastructure and the users’ detailed personal preferences.

Keyword : personalized information, route plan, evaluation method, algorithm, public transportation

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Földes, D., & Csiszár, C. (2015). Route plan evaluation method for personalised passenger information service. Transport, 30(3), 273–285.
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Oct 2, 2015
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