Modifying mathematical models for calculating operational characteristics of diesel engines burning RME biofuels

    Sergejus Lebedevas Affiliation
    ; Galina Lebedeva Affiliation
    ; Kristina Bereišienė Affiliation


The article considers and solves the problems of adapting the mathematical models, used in calculating operational characteristics of diesel engines burning mineral diesel oil, to engines converted to RME biofuels. The analysis of mathematical models of calculating the main technical and economic characteristics of diesel engines as well as the parameters of the in-cylinder process and the concentration of toxic substances in the exhaust gases is performed. The need for adjusting the calculation algorithms is also demonstrated. The computer programs based on single-zone thermodynamic models are used in the research. The programs of mathematical modelling are modified, i.e. supplemented with the algorithm for calculating energy characteristics of the combustion products (e.g. specific heat capacity, internal heat, the lower calorific value, etc.). Based on the computer programs, modified for examining diesel engines burning biofuels, the computer-aided mathematical modelling experiment is carried out. The results of modelling are compared with the data obtained in testing the diesel engine 1A41. The mathematical modelling performed demonstrates the accuracy acceptable for solving practical problems: the difference between the obtained calculation results and diesel engine testing data for the load range of (1.0÷0.5) Pi nom does not exceed ± 5÷7%. Higher accuracy of modelling the characteristics of diesel engines, operating in the low- and medium-load modes, may be accounted for by the adjustment of the algorithm for calculating the induction period and the on-set phase of fuel injection.

First Published Online: 12 Apr 2011

Keyword : operational characteristics of diesel engines, biofuels, mathematical modelling, in-cylinder process, emission of toxic substances

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Lebedevas, S., Lebedeva, G., & Bereišienė, K. (2011). Modifying mathematical models for calculating operational characteristics of diesel engines burning RME biofuels. Transport, 26(1), 50-60.
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Mar 31, 2011
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